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  Klara Sax: Nominal(s) / Klara Sax: Nominali
(CAC 011)

Poetry collection; inspired by works of Srecko Kosovel
33 pages



  klara sax nominali
  Conny Blom: Believe Me I Say Onto You
(CAC 010)

Artist's book in English, Swedish and Slovene, 66 pages



  conny blom
  Conny Blom: Tro mig, jag säger eder / Verjemite mi, rečem na vas
(CAC 009)

Artist's book in Swedish and Slovene, 128 pages



  CAB, Conceptual Art Book (CAC 008)

ISBN: 978-91-639-4443-7
Concept, editing, design Nina Slejko Blom and Conny Blom.
Bengt Adlers, John Baldessari, Viktor Bernik, D. Graham Burnett, Jeremy Deller, Dan Fox, Yara Flores, iLiana Fokianaki, Felix Gmelin, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Roni Horn, Clay Ketter, Kitty Kraus, Miltos Manetas, Trevor Paglen, Vanessa Place, Martha Rosler, Klara Sax, Nedko Solakov, Hito Steyerl, Yanis Varoufakis andBeti Zerovc.
  Conny Blom: 1984, Updated
(CAC 007)

George Orwell’s classic novel 1984 edited and censored in such a way that everything negative; all the dystopia, all the social critique, harsh or gloomy weather, bad smells etc. has been cut out.

46 pages


  conny blom 1984
  Conny Blom: 10 Songs for Joyce Hatto
(CAC 006)


  conny blom Hatto
  Conny Blom: Looking for Armstrong
(CAC 005)

30 minutes, stereo soundpiece



  conny blom
Nina Slejko: It's Already Been Shown
(CAC 004)

Catalogue with texts by Conny Blom. Produced in connection with the exhibition Nina Slejko: It’s Already Been Shown at Conceptual Art Centre Bukovje, October 2011. 48 pages.

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  Miltos Manetas - ANGELS
(CAC 003)

Catalogue with texts by Miltos Manetas, Nina Slejko and Conny Blom. Produced in connection with the exhibition Miltos Manetas - Angels at Conceptual Art Centre Bukovje, June 2011. 48 pages.

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Miltos Manetas
Alternative Economy
(CAC 002)

Catalogue with texts by Nina Slejko and Conny Blom. Produced in connection with the exhibition Alterntive Economy at Conceptual Art Centre Bukovje, December 2010. 48 pages.

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CAC Bukovje
Blung Smrt Blaga - 2010 EP
(CAC 001)

2-track EP. The history of Blung Smrt Blaga can be traced back to the south of Sweden in the mid/late 90’s where and when the experimental noise band Gaga Blung were most active, releasing a row of intensely obscure and unavailable discs of tortured sounds and semi-music. In the coming decade the band members all relocated leaving the band in a state of hiatus. One of the original members is currently living in Slovenia and Blung Smrt Blaga is a Swedish/Slovene offshoot of Gaga Blung.
Conny Blom - From Above

Catalogue with texts by Petja Grafenauer and Veljko Njegovan. Produced in connection with the artist's solo exhibition at Galerija Vžigalica / Mestni Muzej, Ljubljana January 2010. 96 pages.
ISBN 978.961-245-876-8

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From Above



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